Dating My Husband

Since our family is now growing to 3, I find it very important to cherish every date day I have with Jet. Sure we’ve been dating for about 5 years before getting married… but dating your husband is a completely different experience from dating your boyfriend ❤️

How so?

  1. You don’t have a curfew vs. a curfew set by parents (this is applicable if you had strict parents like mine haha don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I really appreciate how they disciplined me)
  2. You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want (i mean this in the most wholesome way)
  3. You don’t go your separate ways after the date – the date doesn’t have to end!

My husband and I only got to fully enjoy dating each other this way for a few months because we conceived shortly after getting married. My pregnancy has actually been fairly easy and smooth through my first and second trimesters. I didn’t have morning sickness nor was I overly choosy with food. I can safely say that the hardest pregnancy symptom I experienced was always being sleepy (during 1st trimester) or hungry (start of 2nd trimester until now). I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with an easy pregnancy since I’ve been able to go about my regular schedule with ease and I’ve been able to eat without compromising the nutrition my baby gets. However, as is natural in the third trimester of pregnancy, I find myself getting tired quickly and wanting to nap often again.. Plus carrying a heavy baby bump does really give you back pain. Because of how I am now, it gets harder for me to walk around malls during our dates.. even watching movies is a bit of a hassle since my baby bump has grown so much that its hard for me to sit in an upright chair for longer than 30mins. Not to mention staying up late is so hard now.. The temptation of staying home in my pajamas is real haha!

We’re both overjoyed with the fact that our family is now growing but I can’t help but also realize that my alone time and quality time with my husband will now be divided. I’ve talked to him about how I’ve been feeling lately and he has exerted extra effort to spend more quality time together with me even with all of my third trimester pregnancy symptoms ❤️

We’ve got a few weeks left before the baby arrives! What an exciting experience this has been hahaha Hopefully we’ll get to find a great  balance even when the baby comes 😊

Sharing with you our latest date day:

Dinner at Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant + Dessert at Farmacy Ice Cream & Soda Fountain 😋


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