Choosing My Baby’s First Solids..

There are a lot of ready-made and easy-prep solid food options for babies in the market today. These would range from purees, puffs, juices, biscuits, and more. As a first time mom, baby food options with too much sugar, too much unknown ingredients, and which ended up too “tasty” were already off my list to consider. Yes, I taste all of the food I give to my daughter, making sure that she won’t develop bad food preferences.

Giving more security to the “praning” mom in me, were the “guaranteed” 100% Organic and non-GMO baby food options. Coupled with convenience, this security really tempted me to consider feeding my daughter these quick and easy solutions on a daily basis.

I mean, isn’t it natural to be scared of hormone-pumped, and or chemically saturated food options for your children?

So admittedly, when I started her on solids, I fed her organic ready-made products for about a month… but quickly transitioned her to home-made baby food after much consideration and contemplation. I won’t lie though, I still give her a few baby crackers/puffs when we’re out or if I’m in a rush and I don’t get to pack her baby food… but I definitely don’t give it to her everyday. My biggest worry about the baby crackers/puffs? — sugar and preservatives! 

There are various pros and cons to consider for both ready-made and home-made baby food… and with much research and advice from other mommies, I’ve decided to make my own baby food instead of choosing ready-made baby food.

I made a chart to summarize my personal opinion about these two food options, in hopes it can help you decide which of the two you’ll give your baby when he/she starts on solid food.

To also shed further light on my decision process, here’s my baby’s story on solid food below!

  • 6 months
    • I started her on an organic baby porridge mixed with her Alfamino milk. (For those who want to know which brand I started her on, dm me and I’ll let you know privately. I gave her about 2-3 teaspoons of the dried baby porridge mixed in with milk per feeding.
  • 7 months
    • I transitioned her to home-made baby food. I started her with just boiled rice mixed with her Alfamino milk… then eventually introduced boiled veggies, and fruit purees. I would toss the veggies or fruits into a blender and serve it to her mixed with a little of her milk formula. Each serving would be about 80ml-100ml of mushy goodness! — For those of you who may not know, her formula milk tastes AWFUL. It’s an amino-acid based formula which addresses her cow’s milk and protein allergy. Her pediatrician advised me that formula should still be the primary source of nutrition so I took extra care regarding the taste of her food, making sure that she wouldn’t develop an aversion towards it. I mean, food tastes better than yucky tasting milk haha! 
  • 8 months
    • I continued to experiment with food combinations apart from her baby porridge — squash + carrots + milk, potatoes + carrots + milk, squash + chayote + milk,  carrots + chayote + milk, apples + carrots + milk, etc!
    • I also started giving her beef broth! She loved this so much that I eventually replaced her plain baby porridge with beef broth based combinations. — beef broth + rice + squash + carrots, beef broth + rice + chayote + carrots, beef broth + rice + potatoes + spinach, etc! Each serving would be about 80ml to 100ml.
  • 9 months
    • Continuing with the beef broth combinations, I recently started her on chicken broth too! She also loved it! Also, so far, it’s been a week with chicken and she hasn’t broken out into too much allergies! *praying that this is a sign she’ll outgrow all her allergies*

Although she’s started on solids and regularly has them everyday, we still make sure she gets her minimum milk intake, if not as close to it as possible. Her pediatrician advised no less than 30ml for her age and weight.. but she usually gets 20-25ml in a day. She usually has about 5 bottle feedings, and 3 solid food servings during the day. Its been amazing and so exciting at the same time! My next food idea? pasta noodles! haha I hope she’ll like what I’ve planned for her next.

Here are some photos of our little foodie enjoying her meal 🙂


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