Bad Moments Don’t Make Bad Parents

My daughter bumped her head for the first time a few days ago.. I was writing a draft for another post when I heard a considerably loud “thump”.. Then I found out that she had bumped her head on the wooden backing while looking for something she had dropped down the back of my bed’s cushioned headboard… I immediately looked at her and I was waiting for her to burst into tears. I swear it was the slowest 5 seconds of my life because she only gave me this look which I could only interpret as “mommy, what happened?” and then she just exploded in giggles and gave me a huge cheeky smile… to be honest, I think I ended up more “hurt” than she did. I went back to writing because she seemed fine.

In a few moments, she bumped her head again since she was so curious to find the things she dropped into the gap. Again, she gave me the same reaction. It was as if she was assuring me bumps were normal and she was going to be fine.ย I even texted her pediatrician to ask what signs to look out for which would require a doctor’s visit. The first thing she told me was “as long as your baby is her normal self, she is okay.”

She then gave me a short list of signs to watch out for to avoid the parental panic the next time an accident happened:

  • If the baby is fussy for a prolonged period or is incessantly crying.
  • If a bump forms and the area concerned feels hot to the touch
  • If the baby suddenly lacks energy or is listless

Fairly easy to spot those right? Then I spoke to some friends who had children waaaay longer than I have and they said that the first bump is always the scariest, and I should probably get used to it and prepare myself for about 100 other bumps. HAHA (not really funny though)

However, I can’t help but think how others would have reacted had they seen what happened. No doubt, I would have gotten disapproving stares and maybe gotten comments which would have made me feel like the worst parent in the world at that moment. (I’m not even exaggerating because I’ve already gotten those stares and comments for far less concerning things! for example… like not having her wear socks in the mall)

The worst part of this moment? I realized I was once a person who was quick to judge others.

Now the saying “You will never know what it means to be a parent until you become one.” seems so accurate..

On an ending note, I am challenging myself to keep myself in check the next time I find myself judging another parent. They may be having a bad moment… but I’m sure they have good moments too. ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย 

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