Being Married to Mr. Jet Yu

TWO YEARS! We’ve reached the two year mark in our marriage! wow how time flies!

For those who think I have the perfect fairytale marriage…. my everyday life with Jet can actually be considered quite busy or hectic. Our work responsibilities and parenting responsibilities often take centerstage, thus making it very easy for us to settle into a rhythm to accomplish all that we need to do. We often find ourselves leaving our relationship needs hanging. There are really times when we take each other for granted ~ yes, there are times when I fail to appreciate Jet’s efforts as well…

Jet constantly reminds me that there is a time for everything so I don’t feel bad when it’s been constantly work responsibilities, parenting responsibilities, and more work responsibilities..

Finding and allotting time for your marriage is very important… and as a perfect example, for our second anniversary, Jet planned everything for us! It’s been a simple yet magical mini-vacation and anniversary celebration. We had the opportunity to take a few days to focus mainly on US as a couple!

Moreover, I can never reiterate enough that marriage always requires a lot of effort. I’ve accepted that my marriage will never be perfect BUT as cliche as it may sound ~ my marriage is perfectly imperfect.

I am actually very happy being the wife to Mr. Jet Yu – I mention this because every marriage is different. My spouse is not the standard for a husband… but I’ve given up on the fairytale because my reality is so much better – REALLY. For those who think we have the perfect life, here’s a dose of reality – we also fight and we don’t see eye-to-eye on some matters. It is also not always romance and roses. However, the bad moments have never outweighed the good moments we’ve had with one another. We always try to work things out, not necessarily before the sun goes down but when both of us are ready to talk..

With two years into marriage, one key action plan we have been practicing which I can share with you all is how Jet actually consistently leads me to practice seeing problems as things we should tackle together – rather than trying to prove who’s right or wrong OR even trying to place or avoid the blame.

Questions we ask one another when we do our own problem solving in marriage (which I think can be helpful to any couple):

  • How did this happen? OR What Happened?
  • How can I help you make it better? OR How can I help you overcome this struggle?
  • How can WE improve?

It’s not easy to ask these questions especially when I’m the one at fault… but the results are amazing because it makes us stronger in the long run.

I hope these simple questions can also help you and your spouse/partner grow together and deepen your relationship with one another!

I also continue to ask for prayers that Jet and I can have a hundred more amazing anniversaries to come 😊

To Mr. Jet Yu, the love of my life, my amazing husband, my best friend, my leader… Thank you for another year of love and laughter, you are my everything and my heart will always find its home in you. Happy Anniversary, Honey! 😘


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