4 Things Every Woman Should Know About False Labor!

So here I am… writing this because I have been to the Delivery Room TWICE in the past five days due to false labor signs! I’m currently pregnant at 38 weeks and 5 days with my second baby and gosh… the anticipation is really getting to me. Everyone is excited for baby #2’s arrival and I just can’t wait ’til D-Day!

False alarms are really frustrating and tiring! So I created this short list in hopes that it can help you determine false labor from real labor… and maybe lessen unnecessary expenses due to false labor.

False labor CAN give you regular contractions!Β 

Contrary to the information you can find on other blogs/sources online, this is true! You can have regular contractions even during false labor. The first time I went to the Delivery Room for this pregnancy was due to having regular contractions with 10 minute intervals – only to find out it was still not yet time. The second time I went to the Delivery Room was due to regular contractions with 10 minute intervals AND a strong urge to push (or rather, do #2) with a slight backache. (believe me, my mom really believed I was delivering when she found out I felt like I wanted to push the whole day)

  • TIP: Try to monitor your contractions while you’re standing, sitting, and lying down. IF your contractions change, disappear, or improve with movement, you’re most likely having false labor signs!

False labor will give you contractions which do not strengthen in intensity!

Okay, this is easily noticeable. If your contractions are at the same intensity for a prolonged period of time, chances are you are experiencing false labor. Real labor, especially during active labor, will give you more intense contractions at even closer intervals as time passes by.

  • TIP: Create a simple log of your contractions. Specify your position and the strength of your contraction. – a contraction is when you feel your abdomen tightening and you experience slight to moderate discomfort.

Your dilation does not necessarily correlate with how you’ll be progressing through labor.Β 

I have been dilated at 1cm for about a week now, with regular contractions BUT all I’ve been experiencing is false labor. My OB-GYNE has advised me to go on walk-a-thons and tire myself out, using gravity to help the labor progress.

  • TIP: Always remember every pregnancy and delivery is DIFFERENT. Do not be pressured by others’ experiences and what they think is right. Just be patient and wait it out as much as you can. Spontaneous labor is better than induced labor (unless an emergency arises or induced labor is medically required for the safety of both mom and baby)

If you find yourself confused whether you’re in real labor or not, chances are, you’re not experiencing real labor.

Real labor is really unmistakeable, especially when the discomfort kicks in! I think the only reason why I visited the Delivery Room was because I hoped so much to deliver my second baby already (HAHA).Β  I mean, I still remember what I went through when I labored for my first child… but I guess I was just so hopeful that baby #2 might already be in my arms sooner than later.

  • TIP: When in doubt, it is still always best to call your OB-GYNE and head to the Delivery Room for a Non-Stress Test just to be sure though.

To expecting moms who are in the same boat as I am, I hope this information helped you and gives you insight about false labor. If you have your own experience with false labor, do let me know because I’d love to hear about them πŸ™‚


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