Officially a Mom of Two!

It has been roughly 3 weeks since I gave birth to my son… and honestly, I started writing my second pregnancy and birthing story since I was discharged from the hospital.. but I never “found” enough time to just sit down and finish this because of the erratic schedule I had to keep up with for my newborn.

Being on baby-duty 24/7 is not easy at all, people – It has been a totally new experience for me this time around because I did not hire a new nanny for my son. (I will write about this in a separate post)

Anyway, going back.. I am now making time to share my story.. especially since today is my birthday and the best present/s that I could have received for my birthday this year were the miracles I received from the Lord during my pregnancy up to the delivery of my son.

Read on below for my 2nd pregnancy and my son’s birthing story 🙂 

It’s true when they say that every pregnancy and delivery is different.. There is no absolute way to tell that everything will be fine just because your previous pregnancy was easy. If you’re a first time mom, your mom’s pregnancy and delivery is totally different and doesn’t indicate any signs of what you’ll experience either – wala din yan connection sa lahi.

I had it easy for my first-time pregnancy and delivery (all by the grace of God – thank you again for all the prayers during that time). There were absolutely no complications for the whole duration of my pregnancy up to when I delivered. It was really uneventful. I also didn’t experience any pain during labor! that was my miracle back then. If you haven’t read about it, I wrote about it here.

Now for my second pregnancy and delivery? It was quite the opposite.

It all started, when I had the Congential Anomaly Scan last October 4, 2017… the sonographer had two findings:

She had a hard time locating/seeing the left part of my son’s heart and my son was in the breech position.

I was told to have another ultrasound on October 26, 2017 to check the heart again. My baby’s heart concern could have been nothing but coming from an uneventful first pregnancy… I actually got really nervous! I immediately lifted my worries up to God and prayed that there would be no complications whatsoever – I remember praying silently in the elevator on the way to the parking lot haha… anyway, when I went back for the follow-up ultrasound, everything with my son’s heart was NORMAL (miracle #1) but he was still in the breech position.

Next, discovering your baby is in breech position may be a minor worry since babies move around a lot in utero, especially before the last trimester… but the problem was that my son’s position gave me really bad and painful sciatica. I could not walk straight due to the intense pain. In perfect timing, also last October 2017, I attended a conference by a known pastor (I chose not to name him because I don’t want to mislead anyone.. to be very clear, the giver of healing and miracles is God alone – pastors or preachers are not the source of miracles okay?) and at the end of the conference, I prayed together with the pastor and I kid you not – the sciatica pain was gone immediately AND I felt my son move as if he were changing positions! (miracle #2)

After October 2017, it was actually pain free and uneventful for me.. up until January 5, 2018 when I thought I was going into labor BUT only to find out I wasn’t! – more on my false labor experiences here.

I also started having my weekly check-ups in January… and even my OB-GYNE was wondering why my labor never really progressed…

January 16, 2018 was the day I finally went and had myself admitted into the hospital – by my OB-GYNE’s advice. The main concerns at this point was that I wasn’t feeling my contractions, I was 3cms dilated, and my contractions were at regular intervals already.

From then on, I was going back and forth to the Delivery Room to have non-stress tests done to monitor contractions and check if the baby was going into distress. I also developed a really bad cold because of all those freezing visits to the Delivery Room. What bad timing!

At 5:00pm on January 18, 2018, by an ultrasound, we finally found out that the reason why my labor wouldn’t progress was because the umbilical cord was wrapped around my son’s body like a seatbelt and around his neck.. the cord coil was so bad that he couldn’t “engage” into the right position for the labor to progress (his head was angled the wrong way and was hindered by the umbilical cord).

This immediately became a big concern… not only was there a chance for me to deliver via caesarian section but it was dangerous for my son’s life.

at 9:30pm on January 18, 2018 I had another stress test to check the conditions of the baby.. thankfully, he was not in distress and I was cleared to go back to my room and was advised to walk as much as I could.

Everyone who knew, were telling me to walk and not rest.. but I told them that I had faith that the Lord is in control, and that if the Lord wanted to change my baby’s position, He could do so in whatever position I would be in. Believe it or not, I stopped walking and chose to just take a nap for the remainder of the night before my next non-stress test…

The biggest miracle of all throughout this whole ordeal was that I went into spontaneous active labor the moment I woke up from that nap… and I went on to deliver my son via normal delivery without any further complications. (miracle #3)

My labor this time around was a little painful but it was relatively quick. I was hooked up to monitors in the birthing suite in Makati Medical Center by 11:30pm at 4cms dilated. My anaesthesiologist administered the epidural sometime close to midnight… and I was already fully dilated by 2:30am of January 19, 2018.

By God’s amazing grace, I delivered my son via normal delivery at 3:30am on January 19, 2018. He weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and was perfectly healthy the moment he came into this world even though the umbilical cord was still wrapped tightly around him!

The Lord truly works in amazing and wonderful ways! This is my story and I will never forget how God granted me my miracles through it all.

With all my sleepless nights because of my newborn, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and be in deep thought.. I realized that these miracles are the greatest gifts that I could ever receive for my birthday this year because they all led to me having my healthy baby boy in arms.

Oh what an unexplainable joy it is to be a recipient of God’s amazing love! Truly, it’s overwhelming and exciting at the same time!

That’s my pregnancy and birthing story 🙂 TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

Special thanks to:

Those who stormed heaven with prayers for me and my son! I pray that blessings of abundance may be upon you all!

My loving husband Jet who stayed with me at the hospital as soon as I got admitted. Thank you for all your love and care. ❤️

My sister Bernice for visiting me whenever she could, for being my walking buddy around the 5th floor of Makati Med haha, and for being there when I went into labor.

My parents and Jet’s parents, Jet’s grandmother, my bro-in-law Tyson and his wife Shena, for visiting me and bringing me food.

And to all those who took time to read this lengthy post, thank you!

I pray that all of you, wherever you may be in life, experience your own miracles too! 🙂

Sharing some photos below (photos were taken by my husband with his iPhone)

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