First Overseas Trip with Janella

Truth be told, I loved this experience! I was so worried before leaving for the trip… but traveling without a nanny is both challenging and very very fulfilling. To have my daughter so close to me, sharing every moment together.. is really priceless. She won’t remember much but these moments will mean so much to me, especially when she grows up. When I’m in Manila, my main focus has been work ever since my Ge-Lai ended. So to have quality time with my husband and my daughter for 8 straight days was really amazing!


  1. Pack light.
  2. Always have at least one extra of everything! (diaper, bottle, set of clothes, jacket, etc)
  3. BRING A STROLLER! I highly recommend the Looping Squizz! It is so compact, light, and easy to fold and manoeuvre around!
  4. Bring your child’s comfort anchor. This could be a pillow – like what I brought for my daughter on this trip, a blanket, a lovey, or a stuffed toy. It is good to have something familiar to him so it can help him adjust to new surroundings better.
  5. Be prepared for tantrums. Being with a toddler means adjusting to his schedule more often than not. If you miss his nap time, then get ready for a cranky baby who you will need to soothe and put to sleep later on.
  6. Always have wet wipes HAHA it makes cleaning up messes so much easier!

Highlights of the trip would be:

  • The sweet moments I had with Janella who was extra lambing! (mommy+baby moments are the best!)
  • How we celebrated Jet’s birthday during the full bloom of the cherry blossoms!Β 
  • My (successful) birthday surprise for Jet + birthday dinner treat at Matsusaka M for the whole fambam!
  • How exploring new places with her is both challenging but really fulfilling!Β 

We’re so happy we have pacsafe bags for worry-free walks around the city + our Looping Squizz for hasslefree travels! PM me for information on both items! πŸ™‚

  • THE FOOD! (I wish I took more photos!)
  • Selfies with Janella
  • The tourist attractions!
  • Being complete! We seldom see each other as a complete group when in Manila because all our schedules are so busy and packed. So to spend time with all of them is a really big blessing too πŸ™‚


So there you have it, my first experience with my baby on an overseas trip!

I am so excited for the next one! Hoping to hear about your travel tips and mommy hacks too! send me a message at to share and have a conversation!



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