Ditching the Heavy Tote

I used to question why my mother always carried a huge heavy “mom bag”. Now, a mom myself, I wonder when my bags turned into “mom bags”. My default suddenly became a heavy tote bag which I carried on my right shoulder – which have been giving me awful stiff necks and shoulder pain.

I know it seems crazy to carry so much things in one bag.. but if you’re married and you have kids, carrying so many things will be a necessity as well. You will be the source of everything HAHA

What is usually inside my mom bag?

  • wallet
  • coin purse (yes, I always seem to have so many coins)
  • power bank
  • two cellphones
  • checkbook/s
  • mini make-up kit (press powder, blush, and tinted lip balm)
  • sanitizer
  • tissue
  • wet wipes
  • small pack of basic medicines (antihistamine, imodium, biogesic, band-aids)
  • my eyeglasses + case
  • my sunglasses + case
  • house keys
  • office keys
  • laptop
  • laptop charger
  • phone charger
  • earphones
  • work file case

You’ll usually find me using a huge tote bag filled with all of the things above.. but I’ve recently transitioned into using two bags on a daily basis. One huge tote for all the big work things, and another smaller bag for all my necessities. This way, I can easily leave all of my work things behind when I go on dates, playdates, and run errands.

Do any of you have good bag recommendations? This mommy needs a little fashion advice. HAHA my tote bags are not at all fashionable.



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