Mommy Matters: Intentional Education

Growing up, I’ve always known I wanted kids. I’ve prayed so hard to God to cure my PCOS so I could have at least one child.. and now with two, I am immensely grateful.  THANK YOU LORD.

I love being a mom. I am so so sooo happy God gave me two children. I hope I can still have more.

As a mom, I was, and still am, absolutely sure I’ll be an intentional parent to my children. One part which is very important to me? My kids’ education. Young intentional parents like me can relate when I say that IT IS SO HARD NOWADAYS TO FIND A GOOD SCHOOL FOR YOUR KIDS – in terms of quality, cost, and culture. Some of my mommy friends who are in the same boat as me considered homeschooling as the best option.

However, reality hit me hard. I can’t homeschool my kids…. at least for now.

The bills that loomed over us every month were overwhelming, especially with kids whom I had to buy really expensive milk formula for! I have cried about our bills – I’m ½ ashamed to admit that… but I did cry because of them at one point. Partly because I knew I could no longer live out the dream of being a stay-at-home-entrepreneur-mommy and all the other stuff I had to give up (this is another post all-together haha).

 Anyway, why did I want to homeschool my kids? My top 5 reasons are:

  1. TIME. I want to spend as much time as I can with my kids, I want to witness as many milestones as I can. I want to be there for them any time they need me.
  2. It would allow them to excel in the things they were naturally inclined to be adept at. – no stiff structure to follow which would box-in their minds. I mean, if my child was really good at English, why push for them to excel in math? A bigger problem, why evaluate the aptitude of my child based on the subject they fail or are bad at? It does not make sense. I felt stupid my whole schooling life because I was not good in math. It was a real struggle for me while learning another subject seemed so natural to me!
  3. They would not need to spend too much time inside one room to “learn”. I could give them real lessons in real life. – For my daughter who’s turning 2 soon, I can imagine teaching her about math while doing the grocery, I can imagine honing her communication skills while at the bank. The possibilities for real life learning are endless!
  4. They would be able to have amazing extracurricular activities. I can enroll them in art school or dance school or debate club, or whatever they seemed inclined to do. Yes, I will be a very supportive mom. I’ll also make sure they finish what they started – a huge no-no for me is if they start a class but never finish or learn anything substantial!
  5. I could control what kind of culture they would be exposed to – I mean, I can’t control how adults talk in front of my kids… and I surely can’t control how others parent their children.. but if i homeschooled my kids, I would be able to give them strong foundations on the correct values and teach them proper manners. Hopefully, when they do interact with those whom I disapprove of, they would have a positive way of handling things without being swayed.

I still have this dream… and maybe in a few years, after we’ve stabilized OR if I have my 5th child already, I’ll go back to this hands-on mom route.

‘til then, here I am trying my best to earn a living alongside my husband so we can be with our kids and provide well. My husband started this new business and tasked me to handle it. I’ll post about my work soon!

Have any of you taken the plunge and homeschooled your kids? I would love to hear from you!


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