** disclaimer**  This post is going to be quite reflective rather than informative… I also have nothing against all other persons with the name “Maika”, this is only my personal take on this and how I have transitioned from my life stages along with the use of my  name.

Almost everyone knows me as “Maika” because I refused to be called by my given name growing up.. I always found it to be too serious.. the result? I stayed in this protective bubble which allowed me to be the playful and less-serious version of myself (you could akin this to not wanting to go through “adulting”)

I actually just started using my given name for work reasons, the marketing team suggested that I be called “Nikita” because it seemed to be a better fit for who I needed to be. Perhaps they were right… I may have to outgrow my stage as “Maika”. I am a completely different person now.. and I love who I am. I am embracing who I have become.

Nikita means “victorious”! 

I feel like I am now becoming who I always wanted to be. I have discovered who I wanted to be – because of marriage, motherhood, and work.

So yeah, the past three years have really allowed me to explore who I could become.

Prior to marriage, I hardly made any decisions on my own – I usually followed everything people told me to do or how to be.

Prior to having kids and a family, I would only think of myself and what I wanted – like I went through a really tough period where I had to learn how to budget correctly. Yes, I struggled with family budgeting for quite some time. Jet helped me and teached me how to cope and manage finances.

Prior to my work now, I was not able to practice what I was good at. I was not able to maximize my talents and potential.

I really am different now. I own my decisions, I consider others more, and I love work. I genuinely enjoy life. I am not affluent, nor am I influential… but in my simple ways, I am happy where I am now and I am happy of the plans I have with my husband.

I am now owning my name because I have accepted that I am not only a product of my parents upbringing but I do contribute to my own success and my own victories. “Nikita” seems to be a better fit don’t you think?

I am more confident, I am more genuine, I am more myself than ever before.

A huge thank you to Jet, my amaaazing husband, who kept pushing me to be the best version of myself. I am blooming because of you. You allow me to be who I want to be while also guiding me every step of the way. I love you!


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