Capsule Wardrobe for Pregnancy

I actually don’t mind not fitting into regular-sized maternity wear. It actually saved me a lot of money. (Fashionable maternity clothes are expensive!)

Over the months, I was able to create what you can call a capsule wardrobe. – A capsule wardrobe is essentially a compact wardrobe which consists of a few staple pieces (around 30 is good) which you can use for a specific season or time.

Before conceiving, and up to about 3 months, I fit into a size 3 or 4.. currently I’m in my 9th month of pregnancy and I find myself closer to a size 6. Now before you conclude that I’m not taking care of myself, that I don’t eat or I exert too much effort (etc), I assure you, my baby is doing a-okay and is growing very well (my baby is about 6.9lbs and i’ve actually gained 23lbs already!). Oh! I also eat A LOT of food and I don’t cut down on what my body needs to nourish the baby.

Anyway, since I’m about to give birth soon, I’ve already started packing some of my pregancy clothes. My capsule wardrobe for pregnancy consists of pieces from my regular clothes, a few maternity pieces I bought out of necessity, and some of my most comfortable walking shoes.

Here’s my list 😊

A. Non-maternity wear

  1. Long Camisoles/Tank Tops – I survived my 9 months with just 4 neutral colored ones! (Please see photo below for one of them)
  2. Loose Chiffon Tops – I usually wore whatever fit me from my closet.. Towards the third trimester, I got stuck with the long camisoles/tank tops + leggings combo haha
  3. My Husband’s Tshirts (haha they’re the most comfy tops ever!) – wore them with leggings and shorts
  4. Casual Dresses – Usually whatever fit me from my closet
  5. Leggings – super versatile and comfortable!
  6. Shorts (to be used with Bella Bands)
  7. Cardigans

B. Maternity wear

Believe it or not, this is the complete list of maternity wear i actually bought through ny pregnancy.

  1. 2 pairs of black maternity pants – handy for office wear
  2. 1 pair of white maternity pants
  3. 1 pair of denim maternity pants
  4. 2 pairs of maternity leggings – At about 5 months, maternity leggings will be more comfortable than the regular leggings. Maternity leggings have added support and usually cover up until your underbust.
  5. 1 white and 1 black Blanqi Support Tank Top – I swear you need to buy these. Get one.. or two hahaha I got two so I had a spare while one was in the wash.
  6. 1 set of Bella Bands – For that odd gap when you can’t button your bottoms anymore because of your growing belly.
  7. 3 Elin Dresses – This is probably the only brand I would recommend for those looking to buy comfortable maternity dresses. The others you find in malls are just too frumpy looking. (but that’s just my opinion)

To give you an idea, this is what I usually look like most of the time now… this is my cardigan + tank top + leggings combo haha


That’s about it! Hope you can share your own preggy fashion tips and capsule wardrobe with me! 😊