Don’t Panic

All first-time moms can relate to this: the fear of their baby getting sick for the first time.

It is with confidence that I say.. I conquered my baby getting sick for the first time!

BEFORE I CONTINUE… LET ME SAY.. no one wanted my baby to get sick/catch a bug! I even asked everyone to sanitize so much that I’ve been called “Hitler” by my own parents. Haha.. anyway, with that clear and out of the way, I’ll share what happened and how I coped with a sick baby. 

A few weeks ago, she caught a bug somewhere. Her pediatrician prescribed three things: low-dosage medicines to fight off the bug, anti-asthma medication, and vitamins to support her immune system.

How did it all start? We aren’t really sure how she caught the bug.. nor are we sure when she developed her respiratory asthma. Her doctors said she most likely caught the bug at home.. and attributed her respiratory asthma with us, her parents, because we most probably passed the genes to her. Jet and I both have forms of asthma – Respiratory and Skin asthma for Jet, Skin asthma for me.

Symptoms I noticed which alarmed me to bring my baby to her pedia:

  • She was overly fussy for 3 days straight – My baby is normally very well behaved. She’d only cry a bit at a time, and only if she needed milk or a diaper change.. but when I say fussy it’s when she won’t allow us to put her down. She would cry as soon as we did so! She couldn’t even sleep well because of her discomfort.. I switched back and forth with her nanny and carried her most of the day since she could only sleep 15-30mins when she was put in her co-sleeper.
  • Her milk intake (apetite) dropped from 4oz every 2-3hrs to 1.5-2oz every 4 or 5 hours.
  • She was not as active nor was she as energetic.
  • She also had this awful dry wheezing sound sometimes.

I brought her to her pediatrician as soon as I had that gut-feeling she was sick. True enough, medicines were prescribed to her, and it was time for her to use a nebulizer.

For those who don’t know, nebulizer treatments are still better, and give less side effects, than orally ingested medicine… BUT Imagine a little baby using a nebulizer! 

I was scared.

Some realizations I had along the way:

  1. PRAY. At the first sign of any sickness or any ailment, pray for your child AND yourself. If you can’t understand what’s happening to your baby, God knows what’s happening. Ask Him for discerning wisdom and also ask for peace for your worrying mind.
  2. Worrying is inevitable but it is manageable. Don’t get consumed with worries.. instead, be alert and act on your observations. Bring your baby to his/her pediatrician if you spot something really alarming. (It helps if you’ve read about symptoms of common ailments/sicknesses babies can get. There are numerous books and articles online which talk about which sicknesses babies can catch at certain points of their early lives)
  3. Over-protecting & over-sanitizing can also cause harm because it doesn’t allow the baby to develop natural anti-bodies to fight off common viruses/sicknesses.
  4. You can only do so much “protecting”… Your baby will really catch something at some point in time.
  5. This will not be the last time your baby gets sick.

It’s a scary thing when your little one gets sick for the first time. Especially since infants can’t really directly tell you what’s ailing them – they just cry. The best thing for you to do when your baby is sick is be calm and alert.

Also, it is not a bad thing if you want to bring your baby to a doctor to make sure if she’s fine or not – that’s what they’re there for! but always remember you can always refuse to give any prescription or medication they advise you to give your baby. Research always before giving your baby any king of medication. If you aren’t comfortable with the doctor’s proposed treatment, get a second opinion.

If you’re experiencing a sick baby for the first time… don’t panic! you can do this! It’ll all be okay 🙂 For those who have yet to experience their baby getting sick, prepare cause it is really unavoidable.

For those who want the list of medicines I refused to give my baby, and/or the list of pediatricians I went to, send me a direct message and I’ll share the info with you 🙂