Excited for Baby #1

Last July 9, 2016 my parents threw me, my husband, and baby Janella, our very first baby shower. The event was held at Relish. Everything was technically a surprise since they told us about the shower only 2 weeks prior so that we could invite our friends as well! haha 

The event was hosted by my sister, Bern who was assisted by her super sweet bf Tim:)

Despite the very bad weather (it was raining pretty hard that afternoon), it was absolutely perfect. It was a simple event filled our with very close family and friends. We had so much fun that i was not able to take many photos!

The event started at around 3pm and ended at around 7pm.. The afternoon was filled with love and laughter as we took time to catch up with everyone, play games, and bond over good food:)

I didn’t expect my parents to throw us a grand baby shower.. and up to now, my husband and i are still overwhelmed with all the love our little growing family received.

Thank you again so much to my daddy Simmon and my mommy Len for this wonderful surprise! To my sister and her bf, thank you for your labor of love 🙂 To all those who attended and for all those who gave gifts for our little one, thank you so much!:)


For those thinking of throwing/hosting/having a baby shower, my advice to you is do not be afraid of having games! They really break the ice.. and they are especially helpful if the party is attended by different circles of friends. Believe me, everyone is sure to enjoy even more! To everyone who played the games during the baby shower, a big big thank you for your energy and willingness to play:)

Here are the games we played with the detailed mechanics:

“Tie-Me-Preggy” – The game’s objective is for the players to “feel” what it’s like tying their shoe laces while having a baby bump! First one to tie his/her shoe laces wins!


  • This can be played by both men and women who have shoelaces on. (however, during my shower, we chose to only ask for male volunteers haha)
  • Each player is to have one BIG balloon! This balloon is to be taped around their waist OR tucked under their shirts. (the balloons we had were too small! we didn’t expect them to be all so tall haha)
  • Make sure BOTH shoe’s shoelaces have been untied
  • START the game!:)

This one can take about 2 to 5 mins before someone successfully ties both their shoe laces. the sight of the players struggling is quite funny!

“Daddy or Mommy” – The game’s objective is for your friends and family to know more about you (the expecting parents) The table with the highest points at the end of the game wins!


  • This can be played by everyone in the party.
  • Hand out 2 different kinds of props – one that will symbolising Daddy, and the other Mommy. (ours was simple: one blue and pink card for each table)
  • Prepare a list of about 15 trivia questions for your guests. Try to make them as tricky as possible! The fun is brought about by the surprise they experience when they find out they were wrong/right about the couple.
    • i.e: who sleeps more hours during the night? / who craves for ice cream?/ etc!
  • START the game!:)

This one can take about 20 to 30 mins before your questions run out:) sometimes there can be tie-breakers too! when that happens, i suggest you throw your guests a really hard trivia question!

“BABY-Henyo” – This game is a twist on the traditional game Pinoy Henyo! The people who can guess the words assigned to them wins!

  • This can be played by everyone in the party.
  • Prepare a list of baby-themed words ONLY!
    • i.e: Babymoon, Poopie, Stroller, Breastmilk, Mommy, Pacifier, etc!
  • Split your attendees into 2 groups
  • START the game!:)
  • For every guessing round, choose a player from one team – after which, the 2 teams take turns until the list of words run out. (make sure the player chosen does not see the word assigned to him)
  • The chosen player is supposed to guess the word assigned to him by asking his team-mates questions! His team can only answer “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”
  • Each player is only given 1.5mins to guess the word assigned to them

Depending on the number of words you prepared, this game can go on and on! The fun of this game is when each team gets so excited for their player to guess the word! This game can get quite intense depending on the team members per team. haha