Finally, I’m Writing Again!

Lately it’s been too hectic to do anything other than “catch up” with errands and/or accomplish whatever task demanded of me at that time.

Honestly, without a nanny to help me (she went on a 3-day off), I can really feel the weight of the “mommy hat” down to my shoulders.. haha time never seems to be enough and the list of errands never seems to end.

I won’t sugarcoat things and tell you it’s been a breeze.. it’s been really challenging! I know, I know… this is just the beginning. Challenges are inevitable. Every one has them during whatever parenting stage you’re in.

I’ll also try my best to catch up on writing about recent events. Much has happened and I’d love to share those with you.

Topics I’ll write about include: 

  • Getting back to my pre-baby figure in less than 2 weeks
  • Baby patterns – cues, signals, and communication. 
  • Why I had to formula-feed my baby.
  • How to Manage “Mommy Guilt”
  • Baby milestones, and how you should NOT get pressured by other babies. 
  • How suddenly.. everyone wants to “parent” your baby
  • Review of various baby products
  • Etc.

That’s quite a lot of backlog I think.. haha but for this post.. I’m sharing about how wanting space ALONE is very much OKAY.

My main responsibilities currently revolve around 3 aspects:

  1. Being a mom and a wife
  2. Being a helpmate for my husband in his business
  3. Being the project manager for my house’s construction works, and facilitating our move-in (finally, our house is finished AND we’ve moved in already! – finally, my husband and I are really leaving and cleaving!)

I love being all three.. but I feel like I’ve been overwhelmed the past 8 weeks… and I gave my time to whichever responsibility demanded it all the time – even when I was deadbeat tired. 

Is this wrong? NO. However, not allowing yourself to rest and destress is wrong. One form of alleviating stress for me is writing on my blog! so hurray for killing two birds with one stone, right? I commit to myself that before this week ends, I will have had some time to myself and at least write two out of the list of topics I’ve committed to publish.