First Baby Starter Pack!

Who would have thought that shopping for a baby would be even better than shopping for yourself? Every time I enter a baby store, there is an excitement in my heart that I cannot explain. I feel more excited to shop for my baby than when I shop for myself!

When you have a little one on the way, your shopping priorities really change. You really  find yourself questioning every purchase and expense you intend to have – You’ll find yourself thinking and contemplating “should I buy/spend this for ____ or this for baby”.

Over the recent weeks, I’ve been able to complete what you can call a “firstbaby-starter-pack”. After many nights of research, and much guidance from my mom, my mommy friends, and some pregnancy experts, I believe Jet and I are ready to welcome this baby into our home.

Sharing with you the items I’ve purchased and a few details about why I chose these items:) If you’d like a review on some specific items, send me a comment/ an email and I’d gladly post a detailed review about them!:)

My Mommy Haul from common retail stores, Rustan’s Department Store Mothercare, Cotton On, and Landers:

  • Safety Comfy Cushy Bath Cradle – The soft cushion padding makes bathing your newborn/baby a comfortable experience. It also doubles as a support so you won’t have to hold/cradle the baby with one of your hands the whole time you’re bathing him/her. I personally think this is a very good option for newborns since one of my worries is that I’d hold her the wrong way or maybe put her in any discomfort. (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores)
  • Safety Quick Read Ear Thermometer – I bought this just because it was on sale (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores)
  • Halo’s SleepSack & SleepSack Swaddle – This is a very good alternative to swaddling your baby with a flat cloth/muslin/blanket. There are numerous research findings about how swaddling a baby the wrong way can cause permanent or long-term hip problems for your child. (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores and Halo Philippines)
  • Chicco Nature Glass Bottles – First, the body/grip design of the Chicco bottles are more ergonomic and show less risk of slipping. Next, I just really prefer glass over plastic, even when it says BPA-free. I’m hesitant regarding plastic bottles because of what I’ve read about the effects of heat on plastic. (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores and Chicco Stores)
  • Chicco BPA-free 2m+ Plastic 250ml Bottles – I bought just one pack because it was on sale AND for when my baby can hold the bottle on her own. My mom advised that toddlers tend to throw everything. If I give my baby a glass bottle, it might just shatter into pieces and possibly hurt her too. (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores and Chicco Stores)
  • Chicco SterilNatural 2in1 – On Sale! (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores and Chicco Stores)
  • Chicco Pacifier/Soother – On Sale! (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores and Chicco Stores)
  • Chicco Soother Clip – I bought this so my baby’s pacifier won’t fall to the ground if she suddenly doesn’t want it anymore. Plus, it looks cuter than the other designs available on the shelves haha (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores and Chicco Stores)
  • Pigeon BPA-free Powdered Milk Containers – On Sale! (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores)
  • Cotton On Baby Tops, Onesie, and Baby Socks – On Sale!
  • Mothercare Newborn Cotton Body Suits – On Sale!
  • Layette Bonnet and Booties – On Sale! (Available in Rustans’ Department Stores)
  • Tortle Repositioning Beanie – This was an interesting find. It helps prevent your baby’s skull from Flat Head Syndrome. It looks weird but it does make sense. Click these links for more info: What is Flat Head Syndrome?How to Use the Tortle (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores)
  • Tucks Witch Hazel Cooling Pads – Okay so the box technically says they are hemorroid pads BUT it also says it can be used for the V area. I purchased this because I noticed that one of the most common items in the “hospital bag” you need to prepare is a batch of maxipads soaked in witch hazel! Imagine my surprise when I saw these on the shelves of Landers! I won’t have to DIY my own batch anymore. Based on research, Witch Hazel pads can provide a cooling and soothing effect down there… and they are especially comforting if you’ve given birth. The Witch Hazel also helps prevent any infection from developing while you heal.
  • Huggies New Born Diapers – On Sale! (Available in Landers)
  • Pigeon Bottle Warmer – On Sale! (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores)
  • Pigeon Sterilization Tongs – On Sale! (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores)
  • Pigeon Periodontic Plus Bottle Nipples – On Sale! (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores)
  • Pigeon Bottle Brush Cleaner – On Sale! (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores)
  • Skiphop Diaper Backpack – First, I bought this because i thought it would look good on Jet, myself, or the baby’s nanny (if we decide on hiring one). It has comfortable shoulder straps, has multiple compartments for the baby’s bottle, and has a lot of room for a changing pad, diapers, and a few toys (Available in Mothercare)
  • Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper 3-in-1 – It actually took me a short time to decide on this. I love the idea that you can sleep with your baby at an arm’s length away without the risk of you squishing your new very squishable and cute baby. This is set-up by the side of the bed, with one panel’s height adjustable to the height of your bed so that you can easily reach for your baby if there is any reason for concern during the night. Next, you can convert it to a bassinet and a playpen if you need them. This is also very lightweight compared to the wooden cribs on the market. (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores and The Parenting Emporium)
  • Enfant 100% Cotton Mittens (not in photo) – On Sale! (Available in Rustan’s Department Stores)

My Mommy Haul from specialty store: The Parenting Emporium – If you haven’t heard of them yet, please go check them out! I promise you, you’ll find unique and amazing products:)

  • Organic Brown Rice Rings – A DELICIOUS SNACK WHICH IS HEALTHY AND ONLY 100 CALORIES PER BOX. You must try them!
  • VPharma Mega Malunggay Supplements – By research and review, these are the best malunggay supplements available. Malunggay is given to expecting mothers as a natural galactagogue. I need all the natural and safe help that i can get! I hope to breastfeed for at least 1 year!
  • Mother-K Disposable Light Breast Pads
  • K-Mom Natural Pureness Premium Baby Wipes
  • Urban Essentials Nursing Bra – I like the fit of this nursing bra, and how it has a clasp at the back unlike the usual sports bra designs you’ll find.
  • Medela Purelan 100 – A NECESSITY. If you are an expecting mommy, you know what I mean.. for sure. hahaha i will not go into details.
  • Blanqi Pregnancy Support Tank Top – This will carry your baby bump for you. Trust me, I wore mine as soon as i bought it. The support is amazing!
  • Wink Shapewear – I bought this based on reviews and the testimonials about how effective it is in keeping it all in so you can go back to your pre-baby-body quickly.
  • Sacred Cleanser – Jet and I both have skin asthma. I bought this based on reviews and testimonials as well. Growing up, I really had a tough time with my eczema.. I hope this will help my baby if ever she has sensitive skin too. (I’m currently using one bottle for myself and I can safely say it is really so gentle on the skin!)
  • Bamboo Dappy Towels – I bought these because of how soft they are! I’m sure my baby will love them too.
  • Beginnings Tie Sides 
  • Beginnings Bonnets
  • Beginnings Booties

And for our most recent purchase to complete our “firstbaby-starter-pack”: The Chicco Urban Stroller and The Chicco Keyfit Car Seat! – but I will be blogging about this separately:) I’ve discovered that deciding on a stroller and car seat is one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make as new expecting parents :))

Also, I’d like to extend a special shoutout to all those who’ve shown love for our baby girl.. your gifts are awesome and we appreciate them very very much! Our baby girl is very blessed by all of you:) I’ve sorted everything out and I can say, you’ve given us exactly what we needed:) especially after this newborn stage. THANKYOU!!!