Thoughts from a First-Time Mom

My baby is one month old! My little family survived our first month together.. and let me tell you… this first month with her has been a rollercoaster of experience.

I’ve been M.I.A on the writing/blogging due to the breastfeeding schedule and erratic sleeping hours HAHA!Β If you’ve read my post about pregnancy.. as a follow-up, the sleepless nights really continue on! To my planning and expecting friends, please believe me when I say get as much sleep as you can during the latter part of your second semester and first half of your third trimester.. right now I’ve been sleeping only with either of the time increments:

  • 30 mins if my baby is fussy after feeding
  • 1 hour to 1.5 hours which is usually the normal length she sleeps after getting burped.
  • 2 to 2.5 hours which is RARE.

Thus, I now have dark and huge eye bags (more like luggage) as proof. HAYNAKO.

Anyway, finally I have a quiet moment to myself. After a month’s experience and trying to keep up with my baby’s schedule.. slowly, I’m now able to somehow find a balance between being a mom and still accomplishing my responsibilities pre-baby. Now that I have time to reflect, I have several realisations as a first-time mom which I’d like to share:

  1. Being a mother (or father) is the best. I love it. Sometimes, when I look at my daughter, I can’t helped but be overwhelmed with gratitude. I still pause and find myself saying “God, thank you for this wonderful blessing. Thank you for giving me this precious one to love”. Being a parent is a great responsibility but it will never be a burden. Even when you find yourself exhausted and sleep-deprived… It will never take away that joy you will have knowing that God gave you a child to love and take care of. I can’t explain this overflowing feeling but I am sure you know what I mean if you are a parent πŸ™‚
  2. You may want to consider getting a newborn nanny (NB nanny). Being a first time mom, I was so scared during the first few days. I was scared i would hold my baby the wrong way, hurt her without knowing, misunderstand her cues… etc. Having a NB nanny to somehow guide me with my actions helped a lot! Take note though, a NB nanny is different than a regular nanny. Those who have experience with newborn care are NB nannies. You will easily spot their expertise or lack of it as soon as they hold your new born baby. I remember my mom telling me she hired a nanny for me when I was a newborn who “faked” being a NB nanny. How did my mom realize she wasn’t the real deal? the “fake” NB nanny didn’t know how to bathe me HAHA the “fake” NB nanny just smeared baby oil on my newborn self every day. – yuck. kawawa naman ako noon. HAHA
  3. I feel like the my first month with my baby was a crash course at parenting (survival edition haha). – you learn at a rapid pace as you go along trying to figure things out, especially when you have to decipher what each of your baby’s cries mean. Crying may be the only way you’ll get to understand your baby during the first few months. I believe it’s a learning process and in turn, after a lot of guessing, you build your bond with your baby.
  4. The smell and mess of cleaning up your baby’s poop will not bother you at all! IT WILL BE OKAY.. unless you have to clean up a poopsplotion, which is what i call a overly-full diaper of poop, in the early/wee hours at night. I’ll be honest… being woken up from what little sleep you’ll get so you can clean up a lot of poop will be bothersome so that’s an exception haha
  5. Leaving your baby at home will be very hard. You’ll feel a pull in your heart – no kidding! mahirap talaga!
  6. Still wanting some “me-time” is OKAY. Do not feel guilty about this! – I love being a mom to my new baby.. but i also missed having time for myself. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself with a quiet hour or two while your baby is asleep! (you can read your favorite book, watch your favorite movie, have a mani-pedi, or my favorite – sleep!)
  7. You WILL get stressed and frustrated. This is normal and it is completely okay. It’s your first time being a parent! stress and frustration is normal. The solution is to take a quiet moment and reset. Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed. It is okay to lean on others for support. For me, my husband is my greatest support person. He gives me the comfort I need when I feel the pressure to be the “best” mom to my baby. He also boosts my confidence in myself as a mom by his constant encouragement and affirmation.
  8. You WILL reach a point of exhaustion.. and that is also normal. Essentially, during the first month.. you just follow your baby’s lead. Your newborn will usually be asleep and only awake when she needs to feed. You’ll settle into a Feed-Burp-Sleep pattern. If your baby is on a purely formula-based diet, you may have an easier time since keeping up with the demand is difficult especially if you breastfeed.
  9. If you breastfeed, you will cry when you spill your milk for the first time. I cried out of frustration because I had pumped right before she was scheduled to feed. I worried so much that she’d go hungry during that time.
  10. Ultimately, no matter what hardship or challenge, God is there with you. When you feel like everything is just so difficult and you can’t seem to understand what’s happening, prayer is the best way to ease your worries. I constantly pray for the Lord to give me wisdom on how to understand my baby.. without Him, I believe I would be totally lost.

I’ll leave it at ten for now πŸ™‚ I have more but I don’t want this post to drag on haha

To all my fellow first-time moms/parents, we can do this πŸ™‚ you’ve got this! Hoping to also hear about what your first month was like with your newborn!

Also… because today marks our baby’s first month, I am sharing a few of our first family photos from the newborn shoot we had πŸ™‚

Thank you to Raene, Iza, and Aia of Newborn Stories by The Picture Company for the beautiful photos πŸ™‚