Our Little Girl is Here! 💕

First and foremost, to God be all the glory! I had a very smooth and easy labor and delivery! ❤️

To all of you who prayed for us, supported us, and showed us love, from the bottom of my heart.. I would like to thank you all 💕

I can’t believe I finally have her in my arms! My husband and I continuously prayed to God to deliver her according to His perfect time. Truly, God is amazing when you surrender everything to Him. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll notice it highlights the positive side of pregnancy and the wonderful journey a mom-to-be/parents-to-be experience. However, there are times wherein you can get overcome by your anxiety and worries. Throughout the 9 months waiting for her to arrive.. I’ve had a lot of anxieties and worries too.. and a few of the most recent ones i had were:

  1. Okay, my baby made it to 9 months.. BUT Oh no! What if I go past my due date? I haven’t even dilated at all! (this made me worry because people usually dilate during weeks 37-39. As of my check-up, I was on my 39th week and based on my OB’s internal exam, I still haven’t dilated and she immediately scheduled me for my first Biophysical Ultrasound)
  2. My baby’s health will be at risk past 40weeks! She might poop while still in utero.. Oh no! (this made me worry because I was approaching 40 weeks! If baby poops in utero, emergency CS would be needed. I didn’t want a CS procedure)
  3. I don’t want to have a cesarian section, but chances are bigger for a CS if I go past my due date. Oh no!
  4. What can I do on my own to induce labor/go into labor sooner? (I tried taking matters into my own hands. I walked 4-5 miles everyday, did exercises, and even tried having a foot massage to “induce” naturally)

First, if people warn you about this and that, about what if’s… DO NOT get pressured. I got so pressured to deliver my baby that I allowed myself to get anxious and worry. If you notice, I really panicked first and allowed myself to be overwhelmed. I focused on the negative possibilities rather than positive ones. I also panicked first rather than prayed first. My husband was the one who re-assured me every day that God is in control and that I shouldn’t allow myself to be overwhelmed. When we would pray together, Jets would lead me to surrender my anxieties and worries to God. Indeed, God was in control because I delivered at the best time and best way.

How can I say that? Well… I went into labor without any pain. I actually didn’t even know I was in labor!

I went to the hospital to have my scheduled Biophysical Ultrasound at 7:00am (The BPS ultrasound evaluates the scoring of the baby in utero – very important if you are close to your due date, and not dilated at all). The sonographer who did my BPS Ultrasound noticed that I was having contractions. I remember her asking me “do you feel that?” and I just answered “yes, but no pain. just a tightening. This happens frequently”. I saw her shock as she explained that I was having a very good contraction and these types of tightening should be monitored. After a quick internal exam as per my OB’s direction, we all realized I was already 2cm dilated! I went home with a more conscious effort in monitoring my contractions. After two hours of monitoring the tightenings, I realized they were happening quite frequently – every 3-5 minutes to be exact. I relayed everything to my OB over the phone and she advised me to go back to the hospital to have a non-stress test to determine the exact intervals of my contractions, the intensity, and how my baby was taking the contractions.

I was back in the hospital before lunch to have the non-stress test. The attendants at the delivery room were shocked that I was still able to take the pain. As per the monitors/recorders, my contractions were measuring very high/strong and regularly at every 4 minutes. I even doubted if I was really in labor. I thought it would maybe take another week or so before my dilation progressed. However, since I was hardly noticing the pain, and my contractions were very strong and regular, my OB advised for me to be admitted already in case i do deliver that afternoon or evening. I was really against it though.. since it would be added cost if i didn’t end up delivering. I waited patiently in my room and continued monitoring the contractions as directed. Another non-stress test was scheduled for me at 6:00pm the same day to check for any changes in contraction frequency and intensity. They even advised me to go immediately to the Delivery Room if i started getting bothered by the pain.

The afternoon went by without any problems. I was already regretting getting admitted since the pain never came, and my contractions stayed the same. I went to the delivery room again at 6:00pm for another non-stress test.. and they confirmed what I was feeling – I was still at 2 cm with the same contraction frequency and intensity. I was given the go-signal to take a hearty dinner too! YAY.

Jets kept me company as I stayed in the hospital. After dinner, I even asked if I could go home since there were no changes… my OB advised against it since my contractions were too regular even if i wasn’t bothered. True enough… by 12am, I felt slight pain. It was more of a discomfort. I then went back to the delivery room and another non-stress test was done.. this time, contractions were stronger! YAY! at least there was progress. Another internal exam was done, and the doctors said I was at 3cm! I remember saying “oh! so does this mean i’m in labor?” they smiled and explained I’ve been in labor since 7am of that day! I was still in doubt though.. I requested to go back to my room… but they wanted me to stay in the delivery room (birthing suite) and get hooked up to monitors until I did deliver. I asked if they were sure if i would deliver soon! If they were positive I would go into labor… I was considering the cost of the birthing suite. I asked if I could just wait out the contractions until i did feel excruciating pain before I went back to the delivery room. However the chief resident in the delivery room advised against it and told me the fact that I was feeling pain was already a big thing, that meant my contractions were even stronger now … so I was then hooked up to the monitors in the birthing suite, and I was told to call Jets to join me already. After 30 mins, another doctor did an internal exam.. and I was told I was already 4cm! – meaning I was in active labor.

Things went by quickly after that.. I was given epidural at 5cm and I was told to rest because I would definitely need the strength since I was really pushing this baby out soon. I was in disbelief! HAHA I still questioned them right before pushing if I was really going to see my baby already! The excitement was surreal! At 6am, I was woken up and told that I was already at 10cm! Then it was like a whole production… The doctors came into the birthing suite, everyone was in position… and they all cheered me on, counting with me as I pushed. Soon, I heard my OB saying “look down! look down!” AND THERE SHE WAS!!! her little cry was so cute… and I was so happy! All the exhaustion was gone… I was just so very happy!

Everyone said I have high pain tolerance, but I believe it was God who protected me from that “dreaded” pain you get from the progressive contractions. Everyone said I was a good “pusher” but I believe it was God who gave me all the strength I needed! From my love story, to my wedding, to my first pregnancy, and the delivery of my first child, God has covered me with his blessing and protected me. I am truly grateful! Trust in the Lord always and you will never ever be forsaken!

Our little princess decided to arrive after spending 279 days safely tucked in my womb! I had a normal delivery, and she is completely healthy weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces! That’s close to 8 pounds already! I praise God for the strength He gave me to push my baby out in just 30 mins. I also thank Him for allowing me the chance at a normal delivery even if the usual method was already to have a CS if a baby weighed as much as my baby did. Overall, It has been a wonderful pregnancy journey… and I am more than excited to begin my journey of motherhood!

Sharing with you some photos from that very special day:

Concentrating on your breathing really helps when a contraction comes! Deep inhale, long exhale!
I love how Makati Medical Center has Birthing Suites! I love how spacious they are, and how my husband was allowed to be there for me the entire time!
Jets, thank you for being there for me and encouraging me through it all!
Pushed with all my might! According to the doctors, it took me 5 pushes before the baby was out!
And there she is!
My baby’s pediatrician and her team were also present during the delivery to immediately attend to my baby’s needs.
What a cutiepie!!!
Our First Family Photo!
I was also able to text my parents that I was in labor, she followed and was also present during the delivery! Up to two people are allowed inside the birthing suite in Makati Medical Center so my dad had to wait in the regular room.
My first moment with my daughter