2016 is a year of awesome changes for me.

Since getting married last December 2015, it’s been quite a roller coaster of events – the good kind, by the way.

Half a year has already passed and i’m finally settling into the year (took me long enough, right?) but i do have my valid reasons why it took me this long.. and some of which are:

  1. Married life takes A LOT of adjustment
  2. I’m actually expecting my first baby!
  3. I have a new job/bigger responsibilities

(But hey, these topics are for different posts all-together 😉)

Anyway, my point is.. I realized that all this change calls for some organization of some sort. I am officially starting this blog to hopefully keep track of everything that will be happening from now on. This “space” will now be my hub for my life notes, my travel diary, and a way to connect to others as well. I’ll still be on Facebook and Instagram but my feed from now on will be a bit more organized and “put-together”. 

[Also.. i kindly ask that you withhold any harsh comments if you would have any as you read my posts… ❤️  Bullying is never nice. If you don’t like something i post, please keep it to yourself. — Thank you in advance for this! 😊]

Maika Yu


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